February 2010

New at Sierra Verde – Adding Romance to Your Rooms

Valentines Day is right around the corner, which means it a perfect time to make your home more romantic.  From simple accessories to major accent pieces, we have a few tips to spice up your space.

Simple Re-Shape:

  • Low light is always more romantic.  Give your room a softer glow by choosing lamps with brown tone-shades, or by incorporating candlelight.
  • Change the feel of a room by adding color and texture.  Soft throw pillows, fresh flowers, or a new piece of art in soothing tones like blues, greens, soft yellows, purples or neutrals are a great way to add a little flavor.
  • Adding new scents are a great way to change the mood of a room.  Warm it up with vanilla, get a fresh splash by using citrus, or sit back and relax with lavender oils or candles.

Advanced Application:

  • Antiques are a great way to add interest, mystery, and romance to your room.  From a small side table to wingback chairs, there’s something romantic about pieces from the past.
  • Highlight your best assets.  From an amazing view to a gorgeous fireplace, let romance radiate from your room’s best features.  Try changing your window treatments or refinishing your mantle, keeping simple yet elegant style in mind.
  • Simply simplify!  Add organizational elements to your space to give yourself room for romantic energy to flow.  De-clutter your kitchen counters and clean up your office, it will not only give you more space, but also a cleaner, lighter, more relaxed home environment.