The Simplest of Decisions

The Simplest of Decisions.

Sierra Verde Group in the Village Center in Incline believes that green is more than just a name.  It is a way of life that affects even the simplest of decisions from whether to drink tap or bottled water to choosing how to remodel and decorate your home.  An awareness of the environment, which many believe had its roots back in the 1970’s with Rachel Carson’s breakthrough book,  Silent Spring,   and the legislative fervor that followed,  is actually a philosophy that dates back to the 1830’s and 1840’s.  This American belief of sustainability and environmental protection first got its start with the writings of Henry David Thoreau and his book, Walden.

With the majestic Sierra Nevada Mountains surrounding the pristine waters of Lake Tahoe,  sustainability  in the environment is more than just a thought; it is a way of life.  Sierra Verde Group believes deeply in the efforts to tread lightly on the earth and makes every effort to work with vendors who have the same commitment to leaving the world a better place for the next generation.

One of the key components of sustainability is energy efficiency.  In the summer, homes need protection from the heat of the sun.  In the winter, those same homes need protection from the wind and cold; in order to lessen the energy needed to keep warm.  The more efficient your window coverings, the more environmentally sensitive your home will be.  And, as a bonus, your home costs will be lowered as well.  Hunter Douglas blind manufacturers are the leaders in energy efficient blinds that can create a cocoon of comfort from either the sun or the cold.  Their newest market offering is the Duette Architella, a 1 ¼” honeycomb shade with Panache opaque fabric. The Duette Architella is the most energy efficient blind on the market; blocking up to 85% of solar heat from the sun and reducing heat loss by over 50% in the winter.  As part of their commitment to creating beautiful homes that respect the environment, Sierra Verde chose to exclusively sell the Hunter Douglas brand of blinds and is a licensed Hunter Douglas dealer with a full-time certified installer on staff.  In addition, Sierra Verde Group offers free local measurement, design consultation and installation as part of their commitment to excellent customer service.

On the furniture home front, among other dealers, Sierra Verde works with the Omnia furniture company that features Kathy Ireland Home upholstery.  The Kathy Ireland Home Line is 100% made in America and is fully manufactured in Chino, CA.  The Omnia home line carries a lifetime warranty on their furniture frames and each order is crafted the old world way, individually by hand.  The ability to purchase upholstery from a factory within several hundred miles of Lake Tahoe creates the ability to lessen the environmental impact of excessive freight and air pollution on the road.

In the kitchen, Sierra Verde can also positively impact the environment.  Along with the now ubiquitous granite countertops, Sierra Verde group carries Vetrazzo, a counter top material that is comprised of 100% recycled glass.  Vetrazzo takes the recycled glass from beer bottles, wine bottles manufacturing errors and even artisan art glass to create unique and environmentally savvy countertop solutions.

Whether new blinds, furniture or a kitchen remodel is next on the list, Sierra Verde can create a custom solution for your home that is perfect for you….and good for the environment.