Beautiful fall colors,  natures best dressed finery, are now in residence at Sierra Verde.  We have a wide variety of  exquisite arrangements  to bring the beauty of autumn inside your home.  From simple 4″ ceramic pots to large engraved metal containers, each arrangement showcases the beauty of the outdoors in a creative and unusual way.  Many of these arrangements include elements from The Light Garden.   These elements, lit either by battery or electricity, bring a bit of extra glow to your home as the days get shorter and the nights grow longer.

These arrangements are all one of a kind and can only be found at Sierra Verde in Incline Village.  Created by local Incline talent, the arrangements include outdoor inspired beauty from grasses, dried flowers, feathers to  the all important warmth that the items from The Light Garden so magically produce.

Stop by Sierra Verde to see these beautiful arrangements in all their glory.   If you would like a custom arrangement, our designers are always happy to create an arrangement that brings out the beauty of the season while showcasing the colors of your home.