Sierra Verde partners with eco-friendly furniture company Pacific Green

Being trendsetters and industry leaders, the Sierra Verde Group of Incline Village, NV prides itself with innovation in their design. After eleven years of operating as a full interior design firm and six years as a retail showroom, Pam Aaron was thrilled to partner with an eco-friendly furniture company, Pacific Green, allowing her to provide the highest quality products to her clients.

Sharing the environmental concern of deforestation and sustainability, Pacific Green launched the Palmwood line, and the Sierra Verde Group eagerly became an official dealer. Palmwood is a renewable resource, made from coconut grass. As an added benefit, Palmwood also utilizes natural plant oils as a non-toxic, oil-borne preservative. This adds stability, longevity, resistance to boring insects, plus resistance to mold and rot.

Sierra Verde Group, along with Pacific Green, now offers a beautiful, exotic alternative for the chemically sensitive and eco-conscious without sacrificing style and design. Pacific Green’s handcrafted pieces are unique and design featuring resort furniture with influences from traditional indigenous arts, thus making Pacific Green an artistically distinct, high-quality furniture line that Sierra Verde Group is proud to promote.